For Accredited Investors and Blockchain Projects
Exclusive Events - By Invitation Only

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Founded by a group of Angel Investors and working with our partnered company Block.News; We seach and target the very best of the best ICO’s on the planet. Each month we research over 1000 opportunities and select just 6 Company’s to present to our group in a casual and intimate 5 star dining experience. With our syndicated chapters from around the world we are able to negotiate only from the best and brightest leaders of this new explosive field to provide this tremendous viewing opportunity exclusively. If you are an Accredited High Net Worth Investor, Fund or Family Office our meeting provide a perfect forum to discover the next great Blockchain company Learn More

For Investors.

Every month our team looks at 100's of Whitepaper's and Applications to present to us.

We Select only 8 .

We meet once per month, collaborate with each other and decide independently

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Deal directly with High Net Worth and Accredited Investors, Funds and Family Offices. Present directly to Investors in a relaxed business dinner environment where 100% of the audience is there to make Investments



Join a small group of vetted pitches and collaborate with industry peers to hear the best minds that this industry has to offer.. Each company has been carefully selected from 100's of applicants.


For Company's

Discover Real and Qualified Investor Prospects

Highly educated and well informed in the Blockchain space

Active and Qualified and looking for promising opportunities

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Meet and collaborate with industry peers

We find the best and brightest companies that have the potential and poised to change the world

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